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Interaction Studio Classic Only

The use cases within this playbook are for customers using Interaction Studio Classic (formerly Evergage Classic) ONLY. For customers using the Interaction Studio 'Campaigns and Templates' application, refer to the Use Case Library instead.

A gaming or entertainment site follows the same basic principles as a marketing site for driving demand (converting visitors to customers and encouraging repeat visits), even though the approach is different than that of other websites. It is still critical to 'listen' to what visitors are saying based on their interactions with the site and 'talk' to them in a way that will resonate with them by personalizing every interaction. This will increase the chances of conversion and customer loyalty that will keep visitors coming back to your site, instead of going to the competition.

By understanding where your visitors are in the customer journey, you can help them reach their destination faster and more efficiently.

How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Interaction Studio to optimize your gaming campaigns and increase conversions.

Journey StageQualification CriteriaStrategyPlaybook Number/Name
TopNew to the sitePersonalized homepage; education; personalization based on referring site or offer

*103 - Personalize your homepage for different personas

*181 - Educate first-time visitors

161 - Continue the conversation from an email campaign  

222 - Continue the conversation from a Google ad campaign  

160 - Continue the conversation from social media  

MiddleEngaging with content; return visitPromote games based on other interests; incentive offers107 - Highlight games of most interest to visitor (by browsing behavior) on the homepage  
BottomSigned up for a trial; placed a betPromote games based on geolocation*195 - Message visitors within 'x' miles of a location and encourage them to play
New CustomerRecently became a customerPersonalized gaming for new customers

106 - Increase revenue by presenting personalized games or bets

237 - Add countdown time to create a sense of urgency  

Active CustomerExisting customer who visits oftenMake VIP clients feel valued114 - Message VIP clients  

* Playbook example is from another industry, but can easily be applied to Gaming.