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With Interaction Studio, you can deploy a variety of message types. Messages can be used to educate and inform visitors, guide users through a series of steps, present dynamic content, entice shoppers with special offers, or completely change someone’s experience. With Interaction Studio, you can deploy a variety of message types both globally for everyone, or for specific user groups (segments) using campaign-wide or experience-level rules.

Interaction Studio Classic Only

Please note, the contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.

This Section Explains

For more information on how to create five primary types of messages within Interaction Studio and details what you should know about each option, click the hyperlinked name of the message type below. 

Message Types

  • Popup – these messages pop-up on a visitor’s screen, which can be effective, but intrusive and should be used sparingly
  • Infobar – designed to subtly capture a visitor’s attention, infobars appear within a page header or footer 
  • Callout – generally small and inconspicuous, callouts draw attention to a particular area or feature within a page
  • Inline Messages – this format seamlessly adds a message or content within the existing structure of your page so most visitors won’t notice a different experience
  • In-page Edits - make updates to your site or app including changing or hiding text, links, or images