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This Einstein Decisions Use Case and Interaction Studio Surveys (in bold) are available for Interaction Studio Premium Edition customers. They are not available for Interaction Studio Growth Edition customers.

As an e-commerce marketer in the retail industry, you know that responding to each and every shopper – based on his or her unique preferences and intent – is increasingly necessary to drive conversions, build long-term customer loyalty and remain competitive in your industry.

When it comes to personalizing your website to increase the conversion rate at each step along the path, consider the customer lifecycle. There are six key stages in the lifecycle: Onboard, Discover, Compare, Convert, Expand, and Retain. Accelerate success by following the guidance in the following use cases.

How to use these articles

The use cases listed in the table below were designed to give Interaction Studio customers a selection of personalization examples that have been used by other customers to drive impact on their websites within the retail industry. Used in conjunction with the 'Planning for Success' content and your unique business and marketing goals, select use cases based on the journey stage, then follow the instructions to reduce your time to value using web personalization.