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With rule-based testing, you can target specific users by experience. This is done by creating multiple experiences, then assigning experience-level rules that control the visibility of each one. This article explains why you would use rule-based testing and how to create a rule-based campaign.

Interaction Studio Classic Only

Please note, the contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.

This Article Explains

This article details how to target specific users by experience.

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Why use rule-based tests?

With rule-based tests, you can choose the target group of visitors who will see the campaign. This gives you the flexibility to be very granular in your targeting which allows for more complex personalization. 

Some common ways to use rule-based testing:

  • Welcome Tours - offer a series of messages to point to different features in your app. Since visibility is triggered by an action and number of visits, you can customize the experiences and messages so they will resonate with each type of visitor
  • Location-based Personalization - for the same campaign, create different, custom experiences for visitors from different target cities, regions, countries, or other locations. The visibility will be triggered by the visitor's location so he or she will only see the message intended for visitors from that location
  • Segment-based Personalization - create different experiences within the same campaign for visitors who qualify for specific segments you've defined. Since the visibility is triggered by segment membership, only members will see the experience
  • Referring Campaign - specifically target visitors who arrived on a page from another campaign

Create a Rule-based Campaign

  1. Create or Edit a Web Campaign
  2. Create the necessary experiences and messages
  3. Click SETUP
  5. Change Test Mode is set to Rule-Based
  6. Select each experience to add experience-level rules 


    Visitors must qualify for an experience to see it. You can drag and drop to reprioritize experiences, but that will only affect which experience is shown if a visitor qualifies for more than one.
  7. If needed, set the Control percentage of viewers who will see the original page experience
  8. Click SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE