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If you have two links in an Interaction Studio message, you will likely want to not only track the clicks inside the message, but also the clicks on each link.  With Interaction Studio, this is easy to accomplish with Actions and Segments.

Interaction Studio Classic Only

  • The contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.
  • The Visual Editor Chrome Extension will no longer be available starting January 1, 2023. For more information, see this knowledge article.
This Article Explains

This article details how to track the clicks on individual links in an Interaction Studio Message.

Sections in this Article

First, enter the links into the Interaction Studio message, and add a specific action to each of the links.  For this example, the action used is "testLink1".

Add a Rule for Each Action

When testing the messages, make sure to click both links to pass the action into Interaction Studio.  Then, you will be able to measure the clicks on each link by setting up the following rule for each link in the message:

You will be able to see in the segment how many users click one or more of the links in the message.