Campaign Status

  • Campaign is set to disabled. Change the status to Testing with the drop down to the left of the SAVE button in the Visual Editor or on the right rail in the platform
  • Campaign is set to Testing but you are not in Testing Mode. Refer to the Test and Publish a Campaign article for more information

Rules and Setup

  • Campaign is not set to show to you specifically, or to show right now. Check all rules. For example, a Target pages rule could limit campaign or message visibility to certain pages
    • Message-level >Message Settings > Rules
    • Experience-level–SETUP > EXPERIENCES > Experience # > Qualification Rules
    • Campaign-wide–SETUP > CAMPAIGN SETTINGS
  • You've already achieved the campaign goal. If the goal is to join a segment, then you must not be in the goal segment for the message to show for you. If instead the goal is to leave a segment, then to view the message you must currently be in that segment. 
  • You are in the Campaign control group. There are three ways to confirm this: open a new Chrome Incognito window until you fall into the test group, use different logged in user credentials until you fall into the test group, or temporarily remove the control group (if the campaign isn't live)
  • Verify that the CSS selector is correct for inline and callout messages. The CSS selector determines where content appears on a page. You can change the message to a popup ( >Message Settings > Message Type) and see if it appears. This will test whether the CSS selector is correct since a popup does not have a CSS selector. A good practice is to clone the campaign prior to making any formatting changes. If changing the message to a pop-up fixes the issue, then you need a new CSS selector.


  • You've dismissed the campaign permanently. The default behavior for close icons and links is "Permanently Dismiss Message..." so if you click a link or close icon that has this setting, you will not see the message again. You can adjust this behavior in the Visual Editor: edit the campaign, select the message or link, click Edit Close or Edit Link (under Insert Element on the Visual Editor toolbar), and adjust the EDIT ATTRIBUTES for the item. If you want the message to dismiss forever, there are three ways you can still see your message:
    1. Make yourself an anonymous user. To do this, open Google Chrome, open a new Incognito Window, and then copy and paste the test string into the URL bar. 
    2. Use the ID experience test string. This will ignore all the rules.
    3. Reset the campaign dismissals. Warning! This will erase any dismissal data for the campaign so only use this if the campaign has not been published. To reset dismissals, select the campaign from the campaign list screen and click Reset Dismissals on the right rail.

Page or Site Issues

  • The message contains incorrect JavaScript. If incorrect JavaScript has been added anywhere in the campaign, the campaign will not display. To find errors, edit the campaign and review the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the message by selecting the message and clicking Source on far right of the toolbar. In Edit Message Source, check in all three Editor tabs (HTML, CSS, JS). Also, check for errors in the JavaScript dropdown on the toolbar.
  • The Interaction Studio Beacon isn't active on your page or site. The beacon may not be installed or is set to Disabled mode (SETTINGS > Beacon Version)

Setting Issues

  • Enable Campaign Request Security feature is not fully integrated. This would cause all campaigns not to display. This feature is in SETTINGS > Setup > Advanced Options. To function properly, it must be selected, and it must have a server-side integration on your site. Once you have selected the option, sample code will be generated on the JavaScript page in SETTINGS. For additional information on configuration, see  Use Dynamic Message Content.
  • Enable Campaigns is turned off. You can adjust this in SETTINGS > Setup
  • Track Anonymous Users is turned off but you are currently anonymous. You can adjust this in SETTINGS > Setup
  • You've blocklisted  yourself. In this case, you cannot pass events or receive message impressions. Remove yourself from the blocklist in SETTINGS > User Blocklist

Dynamic Content Rules and Setup

  • There is dynamic content in the message, but Promote is not selected. The message contains Interaction Studio dynamic content, for example ${ } or #field(${ }), but Promoted Content is set to none. To fix this, click  > Message Settings > Promoted Content. Select one of the dynamic options, static, dynamic, or recipe. If you want to show the message with default information, add replacement text in place of default: #field(${ }, "default")
  • There is incorrect dynamic content in the message.  This happens if you have added incorrect dynamic content somewhere in the message. To find errors, edit the campaign and review the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the message by selecting the message and clicking Source on far right of the toolbar. In Edit Message Source , check in all three Editor tabs (HTML, CSS, JS). Also, check for errors in the JavaScript dropdown on the toolbar.
  • You have not fulfilled the viewer requirements. For example,  if a rule is set to show recently viewed items, but you haven't viewed any items, nothing will appear. To solve this, perform the actions set in the dynamic content rules, or change the rules.