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Similar to the Unified Customer Profile, the Unified Account Profile provides a comprehensive, holistic view of every account based on the cross-channel interactions of customers or prospects from that account. Since Interaction Studio supports a two-level profile hierarchy, both individual contact-level profiles and account-level profiles are maintained in real-time, which gives you valuable insight into corporate-level engagement. Interaction Studio builds account-level profiles through a reverse IP lookup and enriches account profiles with firmographic data such as industry, revenue, and employee count through the B2B Detect feature. You can integrate with your key data sources to enhance these profiles based on cross-channel engagement.

Account-level profiles are mapped one-to-many so Interaction Studio can maintain multiple known and anonymous individual profiles, which can be accessed directly from the single account profile that contains them. Interaction Studio tracks and aggregates events at an account level while maintaining granular user-level behavioral tracking.

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This section provides function-specific information about the Unified Account Profile.

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