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Interaction Studio Evergage Tools gives you a snapshot of all Interaction Studio activity and data on a page with details, including custom fields, actions, and campaigns. Interaction Studio The Campaign Debugger provides a list of all campaigns that aren’t firing on a particular page. In addition to listing the campaign name and ID, the debugger explains briefly why the campaign is not being displayed.

titleInteraction Studio Classic Only

Please note, the contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.

titleThis Article Explains

This article details how to enable, open, and use Interaction Studio Evergage Tools and Campaign Debugger, as well as provide descriptions of what information you may see on the Campaigns and Actions sections of Interaction Studio Evergage Tools.

titleSections in this Article

Table of Contents

titleQuestions Answered by Evergage Tools
  • Why isn’t my campaign showing up?

    • I’m in the control group

    • My campaign is disabled
    • My campaign isn’t set to show on this page
    • My message is not published so I need to view it in Test Mode or publish it
  • What custom fields am I tracking on this page?
  • What page am I on and is it being tracked?


Interaction Studio

Evergage Tools and Campaign Debugger


To open and use the Campaign Debugger, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • If you are on JavaScript Beacon version 8 or lower, your site must have an HTTPS address
  • You must also be logged into the Interaction Studio Platform for the dataset
  • The Visual Editor must be disabled to use both Evergage Tools and the Campaign Debugger

  1. Navigate to a page in your site
  2. Ensure that you have the Visual Editor installed
  3. Click  in the browser
  4. Disable Visual Editor using the slider
  5. Enable Evergage Tools using the slider
  6. Enable Campaign Debugger using the slider


Open Evergage Tools

  1. On the right side of the page, select the blue tab to open EVERGAGE TOOLS 
  2. If the tab is blank when it opens, refresh the page


  1. Account & Dataset lists the account and dataset the page belongs in
  2. TESTING MODE can be set to ON to view campaigns in Testing state
  3. Enter an Experience Id and click  to test a specific experience

Actions Section

The Actions section shows the following information:

  1. ACTION NAME is the name of the page
  2. ACTION TYPE will be either PAGE VIEW or CLICK (when visitor clicks a button or link) 
  3. CAMPAIGNS indicates how many campaigns are running on the page

Campaigns Section

The Campaigns section shows:

  1. CAMPAIGN NAME is the saved name of the campaign
  2. IMPRESSION TYPE is the category of viewer or message for this page load. STATUS may appear in place of IMPRESSION TYPE if the campaign is waiting on an action from the viewer (e.g. a hover, a click, or any other action that will trigger a campaign based on defined rules)
    1. TEST GROUP indicates that you are in the test group for this launched campaign; messages for this campaign should be visible to you
    2. TEST MESSAGE is a campaign in testing mode
    3. CONTROL GROUP indicates that you are in the control group for this launched campaign; messages for this campaign should not be visible to you
    4. DISABLED MESSAGE is a campaign that has been disabled

    5. MESSAGE TARGET MISSING means that the message cannot find the selector on the page to which it is linked
  3. EDIT brings you directly into the Campaign Editor so you can make changes to the campaign
  4. Experience Name is the name of the experience currently being shown on the page.

    If you are in the control group, the message will load but you will not see it

  5. Campaign Id is the unique identifier for the campaign
  6. Experience Id is the unique identifier for the experience. If TESTING MODE is set to ON, you can use the Experience Id to view the experience.

Campaign Debugger

  1. Scroll down to view the Campaign Debugger
  2. Select hide disabled campaigns to view only those campaigns in campaign state of Testing or Published
  3. Click Campaign Name or Explanation headers to sort 
  4. Enter a partial or full campaign name in type here to search to locate campaign by name. Search results will display dynamically as you type
  5. Click Details next to a listed campaign to see more information
  6. Click EDIT CAMPAIGN to open the campaign in the Campaign Editor
  7. You can display up to 100 Items per page