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You can use Interaction Studio to target people experiencing certain current weather conditions, temperatures, or wind speeds by creating campaign-wide or experience-level rules for different categories of current conditions, like rain or snow, temperature ranges, or wind speed ranges. These rules are applied based on an overall condition like "thunderstorm," which includes specific subcategories such as "thunderstorm with light rain" or "thunderstorm with heavy drizzle" that are defined in the Weather Condition Targets section below.

titleInteraction Studio Classic Only

Please note, the contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.

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This article provides instructions for using weather as a target users rule and details the subcategories that fall under each weather condition.

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Table of Contents

Set Target Users Rules Based on Weather Conditions

You can set a weather related target users rule either at the campaign or experience-level. For more information about using targeting rules, please refer to Add Rules for Campaigns, Experience, and Messages.

  1. Create or edit a Web, Mobile, or Email Campaign
  2. Add a campaign-wide or experience-level Target Users rule
  3. Select Weather Conditions as the Rule Type
  4. Select Conditions, Temperature, or Wind Speed as the sub-rule
  5. Configure the rule
    1. Conditions - in Select Conditions, enter one or more conditions. Refer to Weather Condition Targets below for more information
    2. Temperature - select at least, at most, or between, then enter a temperature or a range of temperatures 
    3. Wind Speed - select at least, at most, or between, then enter a speed or a range of speeds in MPH
  6. Add additional rules as needed (for example, you could combine two weather rules to target users experiencing certain weather conditions and temperature like rain or thunderstorms with temperatures 55 degrees or higher)
  7. Save and test your campaign prior to publishing

Weather Condition Targets

Each weather condition category you select in the Target Users rule automatically encompasses the following sub-categories. For example, the weather condition: clouds, includes few clouds, scattered clouds, broken clouds, and overcast clouds and will target users experiencing those conditions.


  • Clear Sky


  • few clouds
  • scattered clouds
  • broken clouds
  • overcast clouds


  • light intensity drizzle
  • drizzle
  • heavy intensity drizzle
  • light intensity drizzle rain
  • drizzle rain
  • heavy intensity drizzle rain
  • shower rain and drizzle
  • heavy shower rain and drizzle
  • shower drizzle


  • light rain
  • moderate rain
  • heavy intensity rain
  • very heavy rain
  • extreme rain
  • freezing rain
  • light intensity shower rain
  • shower rain
  • heavy intensity shower rain
  • ragged shower rain


  • thunderstorm with light rain
  • thunderstorm with rain
  • thunderstorm with heavy rain
  • light thunderstorm
  • thunderstorm
  • heavy thunderstorm
  • ragged thunderstorm
  • thunderstorm with light drizzle
  • thunderstorm with drizzle
  • thunderstorm with heavy drizzle


  • light snow
  • snow
  • heavy snow
  • sleet
  • shower sleet
  • light rain and snow
  • rain and snow
  • light shower snow
  • shower snow
  • heavy shower snow


  • mist
  • smoke
  • haze
  • sand, dust whirls
  • fog
  • sand
  • dust
  • volcanic ash
  • squalls
  • tornado


  • tornado
  • tropical storm
  • hurricane
  • cold
  • hot
  • windy
  • hail