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titleNew Name: Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

There are two email ETLs available in Interaction Studio to easily maintain email subscriber and unsubscribe lists. Configuration settings for the Subscriber ETL are available via the Email gear on the Gears list screen.

titleThis Article Explains

This article details the requirements, schema, and configuration required to use the Subscriber and Unsubscribe ETLs and provides a downloadable .zip file containing example feed file formats.

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Integration Studio supports the following ETL-updated email subscriber list maintenance activity modes:

  • Merge mode - add one or more email addresses to a subscription list.
  • Replace mode - replace one or more email addresses on a subscription list. (Users removed from the email list are placed on suppression list).
  • Suppression mode - add one or more email addresses to a global unsubscribe list to block all email communications.


Prior to processing files to update/maintain an email-subscription list, you must Create a Subscription List.

Set Configuration Parameters

Each Interaction Studio Gear has a unique configuration page for setting run-time parameters.

  1. Log into Interaction Studio with administrative permissions
  2. From the left navigation, select Gears to open the Installed Gears page
  3. Select the gear you want to configure (in this example, it is Email)
  4. Click Configure to reveal the configuration screen for the selected gear
  5. Set the parameters as described in the Subscription List Processing and Metadata Values sections below
  6. Click SAVE

Subscription List Processing

Processing a subscriber-list file requires the following gear configuration parameters:

  • Subscription List: Select the name of the email-subscription list from the dropdown list.  This is the list that will be modified when an appropriately named file is dropped into the 'inbound' folder of the SFTP site.  Currently, Interaction Studio only supports a configured gear modifying one subscription list at a time.

  • Subscription List Replace Mode: Select one of the modes below from the dropdown list:

    • Replace will remove all members of the selected subscription list that do not have a matching email address within the feed file.  If a member removed from the list does is not a member of any other email subscription list, they are placed onto the global unsubscribe suppression list.
    • Merge will add the valid email addresses within the feed file to the subscription list.  No members are removed nor duplicates added, resulting in the subscription list containing the union of the existing list and the contents of the feed file.

Metadata Value(s)

  • ETL Channel used for Subscriptions: This is a text field to be added to the metadata of updated records.  It is intended to be used to identify the channel by which user data was updated/modified.  Each attribute of a user has metadata indicating the date, time, and source of the last modification.  This data can be used to identify the source of information during troubleshooting.  While any text is valid, best practice is to indicate the IS Email ETL as well as the source of the file being processed.

Global Unsubscribe (Suppression) Processing

Currently, Interaction Studio only supports one global unsubscribe list. Therefore no configuration parameters need to be set for this functionality - simply use the correct filename format to trigger processing. When you include someone on a global unsubscribe list, that person cannot resubscribe to any email list for a period of thirty days. This means the individual will be blocked from all email communications and will not be able to join any email lists until the 30-day suppression is complete. 

Filename Format

Once the configuration parameters are set, processing will begin when an appropriately named file lands in the 'inbound' directory of your Salesforce SFTP site.  The name of the file determines the function performed, subscription list modification or adding email-addresses to the global unsubscribe list for suppression. The following file-name convention should be used:

    • subscriber-list--YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS.csv.[zip|gz|pgp] for adding/replacing email addresses to an email subscription list.

    • global-unsubscribe-YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS.csv.[zip|gz|pgp] for adding email addresses to the global unsubscribe / suppression list.

Requirements and Schema

Feed files are expected to arrive in .csv file format adhering to the schema below. Files that do not follow the naming conventions or the appropriate schema will result in one or more errors and fail to process.

Schema Definition

Field Name

Minimum Requirements

Example Values

Max Length


Required. A string representing a valid email address.



Optional: A date/time stamp in ISO 8601 format.

Note: a timestamp that does not include a timezone will be interpreted as UTC 

2017-04-22T10:23:3 7Z


Only used by Global Unsubscribe functionality.

Optional: A string representing the reason the user requested to be to be removed from the list.  Note:  Only the following string values are supported:

  • 'Complaint'
  • 'PermanentBounce'
  • 'Unsubscribe'
  • 'Unknown' <Default Value>
  • Complaint
  • PermanentBounce
  • Unsubscribe
  • Unknown
  • <Any other string value>*

*Note: Any string not matching the supported values will result in the default value of 'Unknown' being loaded into the system.



Sample Files

Global Unsubscribe

Sample Global Unsubscribe File Download.



testing@test.com2013-07-16T19:45Any random string < 1024 characters.  This will be converted to 'Unknown'

Subscriber List

Sample Subscriber List File Download.