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Interaction Studio supports localization of catalog items, which allows unique data for specific fields to be stored based on the language and country codes. The locale specific data can then be leveraged on site (provided you are tracking users' locale information on your website using the sitemap) to display product information with the locale-specific data for the catalog item. The Product Locale ETL allows for ingestion of locale-specific product information. It is intended to enhance the existing product catalog to support a localized experience, and should be used in conjunction with a OLD Product ETL or another method of populating products in the catalog, such as sitemapping.

  • Product localization is a feature that must be turned on for the Product Locale ETL to function
  • Only certain product attributes support localized values – those attributes are denoted in the schema below. Localization is not supported for custom attributes or dimensions.
  • If an item is included in the Product Locale ETL but does not exist in the Interaction Studio catalog before ingesting the file, an item with the source ID will be created. However, that item will only have the data in locales which are included in the file. If a dataset is in the default configuration (en_US) and a new item with only a locale of fr_FR is included, the item will only load data to the fr_FR locale – there will not be any data in the en_US locale.
  • Datasets have a default language in Interaction studio - this is configured in the Catalog Setup screen. This information is considered the default locale of the catalog and should be updated by the standard Product ETL only.

This Article Explains

This article details the requirements and schema of the Product Locale ETL and provides a sample file structure and download.

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Requirements and Schema

Each row requires a product ID and a locale in the format of "2 letter lowercased language code", "underscore", "2 letter uppercased country code". Examples include en_US, fr_FR, de_DE, en_AU, etc.

Products should have a single locale per row of the file, and every locale instance of a product should appear consecutively in the file. If the product appears multiple times in a file without being consecutive, only the last grouped instance of records for that product ID will be written to the catalog. Interaction Studio provides the ability to sort the Product Locale ETL by product ID, but it is not enabled by default. It can be enabled in the Gear Configuration Screen by Admins.

File Format

File Name Format: locale-product-YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS.csv

Requirements and Schema

Field Name

Minimum Requirements

Example Values

Max Length

Interaction Studio Data Type

idRequired. Product IDs must exactly match the product IDs provided on site and captured by Interaction Studio site mapping, as well as IDs provided in your Product ETL. prod1237723255String
localeRequired. A 5 character representation of the locale associated with the product information in the row. The structure of which must be "2 letter lowercased language code", "underscore", "2 letter uppercased country code".en_US, fr_FR, de_DE, en_AU5String
System Fields

attribute:nameRepresents the name of a product and must contain at least one alphanumeric character.Slick New Kicks1023String
attribute:urlRFC-3986 Complete URLs that represent the canonical product display page for this product.
attribute:descriptionRepresents the description of the product and must contain at least one alphanumeric character to be set.Some excellent new shoes250String
attribute:priceThe current offer price of this product to promote to users. Period as the decimal separator, no thousands separator.20.111023Decimal/Float
attribute:listPriceA list price or MSRP to illustrate the savings when compared with the price. Period as the decimal separator, no thousands separator.30.31023Decimal/Float
attribute:priceDescriptionDescriptive text for the price.On sale this week only1023String
attribute:currencyISO 4217 formatted Currency code. 3 Uppercase letters.USD, AUD, EUR3String


Sample File

Sample File Download








attribute:formattedPriceón del coche de muestraEUR100 Euros es un perro. ¿O es eso?EUR50 Euros voiture a des vitres manuelles un compteur de vitesse cassé et une radio cassée!EUR25 Euros car has manual windows a broken speedometer and broken radio!AUD999 Australian Dollars boot prevents cars from moving.AUD9 Australian Dollars SUVui gyochajeomKRW654 Won

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