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If you are new to Interaction Studio, welcome! We are excited to have you join us on the journey to personalization greatness, and we have lots of great enablement content to set you off on the right path. 

We offer self guided learning through eCampus, Interaction Studios online learning portal. You should sign up right now, and you will receive login details with 1 business day. Go on, do it now…..

The Interaction Studio Knowledge Base (where you are now) offers support content in case something isn’t clear in the application, or you are running into issues. It is also a great resource for marketers to think about how to get the most from Interaction Studio. For example, we have a detailed, and ever growing, use case library, where you can see real personalization examples that have been used across marketing channels to drive success, by Interaction Studio customers.

We also have a content site dedicated to the developers within your organization who will be responsible for maintaining the application, and updating the site map to ensure you have the content zones and templates to maximize the personalization potential. There is also a series of developer focused content in eCampus, so be sure sign your developers up too.

And there’s more! We have online learning content in a dedicated Interaction Studio YouTube playlist. Here you can find bitesize content running through all of the key features of the application. Keep checking back as we are adding new content all the time.

But we don’t expect you to go it alone when it comes to getting to know Interaction Studio, although the digital first approach means you can learn at your own pace. We also have a series of onboarding webinars and expert coaching sessions you can sign up for, and, as a premier support customer, you can request a 1:1 session with an Interaction Studio Success Guide to cover the content, and ask questions that may be more specific to your brand. More details available in the webinars, so you should sign up for ‘Getting Started - Prepare for Implementation’ now!

There are so many ways to be successful, it may be difficult to know where to start. We got you! We have mapped out 'Your Guide to Interaction Studio' for you so you can follow each step to ensure you have a solid implementation foundation to build on.

And the most important thing of all - engage with a certified Interaction Studio partner, or CSG Services for your implementation (Your Account Executive can provide you with a list if you don’t have a certified IS partner). Think about your implementation with a certified IS partner of CSG Services with regard to your unique business requirements, to ensure there is a seamless transition once you have a solid implementation foundation in place.

Welcome again - and enjoy the ride!