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New Name: Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

For companies not using SAML, Interaction Studio recommends enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), which uses Google authenticator to add an additional layer of security to Interaction Studio. 2FA works on the premise of combining something you know (your password or passcode) with something you have (a security token on your phone, or a biometric factor like your fingerprint or facial scan).

If SAML is enabled on your dataset to allow for single-sign on, you will not be able to enable or use 2FA.

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For Administrators

Admins cannot turn 2FA off for users.

Reset User Access

If needed, Admins can help users reset their secret key for the Google Authenticator App.

  1. Login to Interaction Studio.
  2. Navigate to Security > Manage Users > Edit User.
  3. In the Two-Factor Authentication Configuration section, select Reset, then Enable.
  4. Provide the client with their secret key over a phone call/screen share. 

For Users

All users are required to set up 2FA upon login.

The 2FA security code generated in the Google Authenticator app refreshes every 30 seconds.

You do not need cellular service to use 2FA. As long as you are connected to WiFi, you will be able to connect (i.e. on an airplane with a WiFi connection). Because a time-based algorithm is used to generate the security codes, your mobile device and computer do not need to be connected.

Regular Use

  1. Log into Interaction Studio with your existing username and password
  2. The two-factor authentication screen will appear, prompting you for a one-time passcode
  3. Open the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device
  4. Enter the one-time passcode generated by the app in Interaction Studio 
  5. Click Verify in Interaction Studio


If you delete the Google Authenticator app or install it on another device, you will need to reconfigure 2FA.

  1. Download again the Google Authenticator App on your Apple or Android phone.
  2. Contact your Administrator to assist with resetting your token.