Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

You can leverage data from other systems in Interaction Studio. 

This article outlines current Interaction Studio integrations with various third party systems. For integrations with Salesforce products, please refer to Understand Salesforce and Interaction Studio Integrations.

Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Product ExamplesIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • BlueKai
  • Neustar
Data into Interaction Studio:

Data Out to DMP Platform:

Data In:

  • Files posted to the Interaction Studio SFTP are processed on an ongoing basis

Data out:

  • Segment export is nightly or one-off
  • Interaction Studio does not currently have any server-to-server integrations with DMP platforms. DMP integrations are client-side only.
  • Attributes and segment ID’s can be passed to Interaction Studio and stored as custom attributes on the user profile
  • Interaction Studio can also pass segment membership data to the page for a DMP to collect and leverage for retargeting efforts

Email Service Providers (ESP)

Product ExamplesIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
  • Yes Lifecycle Marketing
  • Silverpop
  • Cheetah Mail
  • Adobe Campaign
Data In to IS:

Data Out to ESP Platform:

Data In:

  • Files posted to the Interaction Studio SFTP are processed on an ongoing basis

Data out:

  • Segment export is nightly or one-off
  • Segment push: Leverage the Interaction Studio segment exporter gear and SFTP to push segments out which you can pull into your ESP for enhanced targeting
  • User and campaign data ingestion: Leverage the Interaction Studio data feed system to store users, user attributes, and campaign events such as sends, opens, clicks.
  • Open-time email: Build an Open-time email campaign in Interaction Studio to power 1:1 offers and content or product recommendations at open time within your ESP. Copy and paste the HTML code output of the Open-time email campaign into an existing email template within your ESP and Interaction Studio will power just that portion of the email

3rd Party Campaign Detection (UTM Parameter Mapping)

ExampleIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
UTM Parameter MappingUTM parameter mapping (configured on the Third Party integrations screen)Real-time upon click-through
  • Leverage an existing product or add a new one to configure the UTM parameter mapping
  • Add parameters to capture any additional information you are sending through your campaigns. Doing so tells Interaction Studio how to map other query parameters in the landing page URL to attributes on the Interaction Studio external campaign or to attributes defined for the referred visitor.
  • As users arrive on the landing page that contains the third-party product integration, you will see external campaigns appear on the Third Party campaign list page in the Uncategorized folder.
  • The external campaigns will have click-throughs, but not impressions since Interaction Studio does not track impressions for external campaigns.
  • Campaign engagement is available to reference in segmentation to further enhance experience targeting

Analytics (Passing Campaign Stats to 3rd Party Analytics Platforms)

Product ExamplesIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Analytics
Client-side syncReal-time in-browser

Interaction Studio can listen for campaign statistics events that you can use to format events for third-party tracking systems like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Integration TypeHow It Works
Typically, Interaction Studio does not require an integration with a CMS
  • The Interaction Studio Web SDK creates a reference catalog of product and content assets by scraping the page directly
  • Additional content and product information and promotion assets can be brought into Interaction Studio by feeds
  • Interaction Studio can render both client-side and server-side campaigns and experiences


Product NameIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
Generic Segment SyncFile-basedOne-off or nightly
  • Pass segments out of Interaction Studio by SFTP into various media/display tools for enhanced retargeting efforts

Tag Managers

Interaction Studio can be implemented using a tag manager. As part of your implementation process, work with your implementation team to determine what implementation approach makes the most sense for you.