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It may be helpful for first-time visitors to see your awards, shipping policies or other details. However, conveying this and other information takes up valuable page real estate that returning visitors and frequent shoppers likely don’t need or want to see. Using Interaction Studio, you can segment new visitors and target them with content and messages to educate them about your brand. The same capability can be used to identify returning customers and notify them of updates since their last visit. 

CategoryeCommerceVerticalRetail, Travel, Financial
TopicSegment new visitors so you can educate them about your brandID #181


A visitor lands on your website for the first time. While looking at one of your product pages, promote new deals or features unique to your website.


Create a segment of first-time visitors for this play. This is defined as people who visited at least 1 or more times for all time and did not visit 2 or more times for all time as shown below:


If the message includes a CTA, it can be used as the campaign goal. Otherwise, global goals can be used.


Here are the high-level process steps you should follow to execute on this play:

  • Create a segment of first-time visitors
  • Create a campaign with one experience and a popup message
  • Add a campaign level rule to show the campaign only to this segment of visitors

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