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${}                           => ID <String>
${user.userName}  => Name <String>
${user.userNameOrAnonLocation} => Name OR 'user from City, State' <String>
${user.accountType} => Account Type <String>
${user.emailAddress} => Email Address <String>

--User Location--

${user.location.postalCode}          => Zip Code <String>
${} => City <String>
${user.location.metro} => Metro Area <String>
${user.location.metroCode} => Metro Code <Integer>
${user.location.region} => State/Region <String>
${user.location.stateProvinceCode} => State/Region Code <String> (shorthand)
${} => Country <String>
${user.location.countryCode} => Country Code <String> (shorthand)
${user.location.organization} => Organization <String>
${user.location.industry}   => Industry <String>
${user.location.naicsCode} => North American Industry Classification System Code <Integer>

--User Custom--

${user.attributes._________}         => Custom Attribute (Use dropdown in editor for specific ID)


Things that count as items:

  • Products
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Tags
  • Categories



Must have intended item query selected in message settings

${item}                              => Item Object <Object>
${items} => Array of Item Objects <Array>
${items[0]}...${items[9]} => Item In Array <Object>
${page.item} => Current Page Item Object <Object>
${page.category} => Current Page Category <Object>
OR Category of Current Page Item <Object>

${} => Name <String>
${} => ID <String> OR <Integer>
${item.url} => URL <String>
${item.imageUrl} => Image URL <String>
${item.description} => Description <String>
${item.categories} => Categories Objects <Array>
${item.tags} => All tag Objects <Array>

--Products only--

${item.price}                        => Price <Integer> 
NOTE: Unformatted, see utilities below.
${item.priceDescription} => Price Description <String>
${item.listPrice} => List Price <Float>
NOTE: Unformatted, see utilities below.
${item.inventoryCount} => Inventory Count <Integer>
${item.brands} => Brand tag objects <Array>
${item.classes} => Class tag objects <Array>
${item.styles} => Style tag objects <Array>
${item.genders} => Gender tag objects <Array>

--Blog & Article Only--

${item.subTitle} => Subtitle <String>

--Advanced-- Build item query in message

--Query Type: global/user interchangeable--

${}                   => Query Global Statistics
${tools.user...} => Query User Statistics

${} => Query Products
${} => Query Articles
${} => Query Blogs
${} => Query Categories
${} => Query Brands
${} => Query Styles
${} => Query Authors
${} => Query Keywords

--Query: default array length min 1 max 5--

${}      => Top Viewed By Count <Array>
${} => Top Viewed By Time <Array>
${} => Top Added To Cart By Count <Array>
${} => Top Added To Cart By Currency Value <Array>
${}  => Top Purchased By Count <Array>

--Global only--

${}  => Most Recent Published <Array>

--User only--

${tools.user.products.viewed()}          => Most Recently Viewed <Array>
${tools.user.orders.currentItems()} => Products In Cart <Array>
NOTE: Evergage does not currently track cart removals.
${tools.user.orders.current().totalValue} => Total Value In Cart <Float> 
NOTE: Unformatted, see utilities.

Item Options

ex. ${tools.user.products.viewCount(${itemOptions...})
ex. ${itemOptions.optionOne().optionTwo().optionThree()}

${itemOptions.minItems(<Integer>)} Minimum Returned Or Message Hidden
${itemOptions.maxItems(<Integer>)} Maximum Returned (MAX: 10)



--Look Back Period--


++Time Object++


--Conditional Options--






++Sort Options++






--Mark As Promoted--

${itemOptions.promote()}               Default: OFF


--Set Variables--

#set (${variableName} = $...)


#foreach (${variableName} in <Array>)

--Format Price--

$tools.formatNumber(<Float>, <Int Number of Fractional Digits>)

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