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Campaign Prioritization lets you set the order in which your campaigns appear or are given preference to qualified visitors when they share the same space on the screen or CSS selector. Specifically, you can set the priority for Campaigns that contain any of the following groups of messages:

  • Pop-ups that share the same quadrant on the screen
  • Infobars that share the top or bottom of the screen
  • Callouts and inline messages with the same CSS selector


View Campaign Priority

  1. Log into Evergage
  2. Select CAMPAIGNS
  3. Select the folder containing the campaign
  4. Select the campaign
  5. Campaign priority is listed at the right in the detail pane
  6. If the detail pane is not visible, click to view

Change Campaign Priority

  1. Create or edit a campaign
  2. Select SETUP
  4. Enter the Priority or use the arrows to adjust the number

The Campaign with the highest number is the one with the highest priority. Therefore, if you want to make sure a particular Campaign always gets displayed over others (with the same parameters as mentioned above) then you should assign a high number to the priority for that Campaign.

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