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TopicCreate targeted messages for returning customers to promote relevant cross-sell opportunitiesID #154


A recent study revealed that the average consumer has nine financial accounts and 2.2 accounts with each financial institution they work with. From a financial institution’s perspective, since every customer has 6.8 accounts with “other” financial institutions, opportunities exist to cross-sell and deepen relationships with existing customers.

Use Evergage to identify returning customers and create targeted messages promoting relevant cross-sell opportunities.



While looking for details about an existing homeowners insurance policy, a returning customer peruses your website for other products. With Evergage, you can segment existing customers who looked at other products and offers and then show them related content to increase cross-sell conversions.


Customers who looked at boat policies, but did not look for an agent or ask for a quote.

  • Looked at the boat product page at least once 
  • AND did not look for agent or quote


Looking at clickthrough rate - or those who asked for a quote/looked for an agent.



Use an inline message associated to the relevant segment (available).



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