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The Evergage Visual Editor is a Google Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to add personalization features to your website. The “WYSIWYG” interface is simple to use to replace text and images, add messages, and make other page changes.

This article will review how to download, configure, and open the Evergage Visual Editor extension. Additionally, instructions are included in the event that you need to force an update of the extension. For instructions on using Visual Editor features please see Style Evergage Messages.


Download the Extension

You will need to have Editor or Administrator permissions to use the Visual Editor.

  1. Open Google Chrome and log into your Evergage account 
  2. Select your name at the top of the Evergage window 
  3. Select Visual Editor 
  4. Click Install Visual Editor 
  5. You may need to refresh the browser window to fully activate the Visual Editor extension



Configure the Visual Editor

Your Evergage Administrator only needs to configure this global setting once.  

  1. Login to Evergage as an Administrator
  2. Select Settings 
  3. Select Visual Editor in the Integration section at the left
  4. Enter the URL for the home page of your site in Launch Visual Editor for Site


    This is the home page of your website or login page for your SaaS application
  5. Click Save 
  6. If you want to change the page or site that launches with the Visual Editor, click Add New Site


    Add New Site only appears if you have previously entered a URL in Launch Visual Editor for Site 
  7. Enter the new URL in the Launch Visual Editor for Site field
  8. Click Save 




Open the Visual Editor

There are two ways to open the Visual Editor once you’ve downloaded and configured it:

  1. Open any page of your website and click the Evergage logo to the right of the Google Chrome address bar 
  2. Log into Evergage, select your name at the top of the Evergage window, then select Visual Editor




Force Update the Visual Editor

Google Chrome will check for new versions of extensions once a day, but you can force it to update at any time.

  1. Enter chrome://extensions in the Google Chrome address bar
  2. Select Developer mode at the top right
  3. Click Update extensions now
  4. Confirm that only the latest version of Evergage Visual Editor is enabled
  5. Uncheck Developer mode 


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