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Many e-commerce companies develop compelling shipping programs but few effectively leverage them to drive conversions within the shopping journey. In a competitive e-commerce landscape flush with discounts, member pricing and free shipping, spotlighting your shipping program in real time versus relying on your browsers to discover it on their own is a tactic you can easily implement with the Evergage platform.



A key approach to leveraging your shipping program is to extend its benefits throughout your shopping journey and in key drop-off points.

Example A displays a centrally located inline message within the product detail page to target visitors further along in the shopping journey.

Example B targets returning visitors with a banner reiterating your shipping program benefits on the homepage. This example emphasizes shipping perks with experienced buyers in a more personalized experience.


Depending on the buyer type, you will have two segments:

  • Convert a browser to a knowledgeable shopper: All site visitors
  • Educate return visitors: Returning visitors


This beginner-level campaign’s effectiveness can ultimately be measured by tracking revenue per user, conversion rate, and average order value. Comparing the engagement of users who experienced these campaigns versus your control group will also be a valuable measure.


A cornerstone of Evergage’s product is its ability to identify specific user segments in real time such as first-time browsers or avid shoppers. By creating distinct segments you’ll increase your chances of developing more personalized campaigns and strategic CTAs to convert more browsers into loyal shoppers.

Convert a browser to a knowledgeable shopper: Creating a campaign within your product detail page that succinctly features your loyalty program is an excellent tactic to target browsers viewing a specific item. An inline campaign, like Example A, provides relevant context to your program’s benefits and appeals to browsers already expressing some intent to buy. 

  • Message type: Inline (Within page structure)

  • Location: Product detail pages; display the campaign above the fold so it’s featured but does not detract from the checkout function

  • Segment: All site visitors

Educate return visitors: Targeting returning customers through an infobar campaign on your homepage is an excellent strategy for displaying your shipping program’s benefits. Emphasizing points or benefits that they may have missed in their last purchase (Example B) also demonstrates highly relevant value.

  • Message type: Infobar
  • Location: Homepage

  • Segment: Returning visitors

  • Campaign Triggers: A returning customer who comes to the homepage


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