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There’s a lot of information collected about visitors without them explicitly telling us. For example. we know their location, how many times they have visited the site, and the pages they have viewed. With the Evergage B2B Detect, we also know the company they are from - if they are at the office - and that company’s industry (i.e. SIC). Using this information, we can, in turn, make a visitor’s experience on your site even more relevant – presenting them with content that they will be more likely to respond to, and engage with, in real time.

CategoryDemand GenerationVerticalTechnology, SaaS
TopicPresent content to visitors based on industry or companyID #120
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A prospect lands on your homepage after clicking on an organic search result. Upon doing so, they see an infobar message promoting retail case studies and a hero image with a video about "Real-Time Personalization for E-Commerce Optimization.” Given that the visitor works in the retail industry and she is looking for a personalization solution, she clicks the link to watch the video.



Segments would be used to track the industry someone has come from based on information gathered using Evergage B2B Detect.



Begin by establishing a number of global goals for this campaign to assess the overall impact of the message. Goals could include: downloaded an ebook, signed up for email updates, requested a demo, signed up for a free trial.

A control group would also be used to test the impact of presenting more relevant content (using B2B Detect) to the visitor as they land on the site.



There are two ways to use Evergage to create this play on your own site:

  1. In the campaign, under either campaign settings or message settings, select ‘location > company > users company contains’
  2. You can use a segment for this by creating a segment of people for a specific company or industry, and then at a campaign level or message level (rule based), ‘Who sees this > Segments > users in segment’



Reference Materials

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