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Using the Visual Editor, you can track the value of fields within a form submission, as well as track the form submission itself. This process will not work for forms contained within an iframe.


Capture the Field


  1. Log into the Evergage Visual Editor
  2. Navigate to the page that contains the field you want to track
  3. Hover over the field you want to track, confirming that the field is surrounded by an orange border
  4. Right click and select Capture Field

Complete the Capture Field Menu

  1. When the Capture Field menu appears, complete the following fields:
    1. Field Name: The label for the custom field. This cannot contain spaces
    2. Match: The CSS selector for the field being tracked. Data in this field will be sent on submission
    3. Expression (optional): A regular expression (regex) refining the match
    4. Form Action Name The name of the action that will be sent to Evergage when the form is submitted
    5. Form Match: The CSS selector for the form being tracked
    6. Page Specific: If checked, this tracking will only take effect for this particular page URL
  2. Click CAPTURE

View Tracked Fields

  1. Tracked fields are highlighted in green
  2. Hovering on a tracked field will display the field name

Tracked field

Tracked field on hover

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