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Evergage SmartSearch™ combines behavioral tracking with Evergage Recommend to suggest individually relevant search terms and products the moment someone begins typing.  

  • SmartSearch leverages data like each visitor’s current and past session behavior, implied intent, and purchase history to improve the relevance of search results increasing product discovery and conversion rates
  • Current and past session behavior is factored in to deliver personalized search results consistent with each visitors’s true interests and intent. Brand affinity, content preferences, categories, styles, sizes, geography, gender, and price sensitivity are all taken into consideration
  • You can combine multiple machine learning models that leverage both aggregate and individual behavioral data. Different strategies can be built, deployed, tested and even targeted to different personas
  • You won't need IT to integrate SmartSearch into your existing search engine and e-commerce site. The Evergage team will complete the integration within a few hours
  • A product catalog integration is not required, and SmartSearch automatically detects out-of-stock and discontinued items and immediately removes these items from search results
  • You can easily determine which search terms, phrases and products are driving the most conversions and revenue


Configuration and Installation

You'll work with your Customer Success representative who will facilitate the configuration of SmartSearch on your site. Once SmartSearch is up and running, you and your CS representative will work together as needed to adjust the Recommendations recipe that powers SmartSearch.

Viewing SmartSearch Data

Since SmartSearch is a campaign built in Evergage, you can view data around the success of using SmartSearch in Campaign Statistics. You can A/B test a SmartSearch campaign to see the lift versus control. Additionally, you can view all of the search terms entered by visitors and see whether they purchased or downloaded an item as a result of the search.

View Campaign Statistics

  1. Log into the Evergage Platform
  2. Select Web > Campaign List
  3. Select your campaign

View Search Terms

  1. Log into the Evergage Platform
  2. Select CATALOG
  3. Under SmartSearch, select Search Terms List
  4. On the Terms tab, you can see each term and the number of times it was searched, how many times an item was clicked from the search, and the revenue generated

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