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Customer data can be securely retrieved and updated in Evergage using the REST - JSON API. Data including engagement score and change, customer attributes and activity can be exported for use in other systems. User and Account attributes can also be updated.
API Endpoints for users and accounts are available in JSON and CSV format. 
   https://[account][dataset]/users.[ json | csv ]
  https://[account][dataset]/accounts.[ json | csv ]


API Token (Required). Account administrators can create an API Token for use in authenticating API requests.
Optional Segment name or ID
startOptional start time in epoch milliseconds used for engagement statistics 
endOptional end time in epoch milliseconds used for engagement statistics 
segmentationIdOptional segmentation identifier 
segmentIdOptional segment identifier 
pageSizeThe number of records to return (defaults to all records) 
pageThe page number of records to show. Starting at zero for the first page. (defaults to zero) 
includeGeoOptional set as True to include user location details (User export only) 


User Retrieval Example:
Account Retrieval Example:



User retrieval Example (PHP)  


UsernameAccountEngagement ScoreEngagement % Change
" . $user['name'] . "" . $user['accountName'] . "" . $user['engagementScore'] . "" . $user['engagementPercentChange'] . "

When exporting a large number of users, it is possible to see multiple records for the same user. This can happen if the user is updated immediately before or during the download. The record appearing last in the export is always the most current.



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