Once you create a survey, you can use them to gather feedback from your visitors and customers in campaigns.

This article details how to insert an existing survey to a campaign you've created.

Get Started

  1. If you haven’t already, log into the Evergage Platform

  2. Create or edit a survey

  3. Create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign

  4. Add a new message

  5. Configure the message Type as needed

Add a Survey

After you create your message, you need to configure it to use the survey content.

  1. Click Insert Element

  2. Select Survey

  3. Select the survey from the Select Survey dropdown

  4. Select Responsive to make the survey responsive in size or Fixed to make it fit inside the message container

  5. To preview the survey, click Render Survey

  6. If needed, click Edit Survey and make changes to the survey

  7. Test and publish your campaign