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The Interaction Studio JavaScript Beacon places a first party cookie on the visitor's browser which sends data for that visitor back to Interaction Studio. The beacon can be used to check for a consent cookie (as required by laws like GDPR and CCPA) so this visitor data may be collected and sent to Interaction Studio.

Consent should be managed by your internal IT department. Your consent management system can call the Interaction Studio beacon to check for consent.

Evergage Classic Only

Please note, the contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.

For customers using Interaction Studio Campaigns & Templates, please see the section on Consent Management in the Web SDK article available on

This Article Explains

This article outlines how to check for a consent cookie using the Interaction Studio Beacon to halt user tracking. For more information on GDPR or CCPA data edit or deletion requests, see Service GDPR and CCPA Data Edit or Deletion Requests.

Sections in this Article

Checking for Consent in the Interaction Studio Beacon

Below is a sample block of code that can be used in Site-Wide JavaScript to check for a consent cookie provided by external consent manager. If the consent cookie does not exist, Interaction Studio will halt all beacon functionality. Additionally, if any Interaction Studio cookies exist at the time the check is enabled, they will be removed. This means that if you add the contents of the code block below, modified with the details of your consent cookie, to Site-Wide JavaScript and an individual visitor has not given consent, Interaction Studio will remove any existing cookies, will not create any new ones, and will not send any tracking data.

This code should be placed at the very top of the Site-Wide JavaScript. If the consent cookie does not exist, the rest of Site-Wide JavaScript will not execute. Note, this specific code snippet requires Beacon Version 11 or higher.

Beacon Suppression
if (!ajq.cookie("INSERT CONSENT COOKIE HERE")) {
   try {
   } catch (e) {}
   return false;