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Interaction Studio Classic Only

  • This use case is intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic) ONLY. For customers using the Interaction Studio 'Campaigns and Templates' application, refer to the Use Case Library instead.
  • The Visual Editor Chrome Extension will no longer be available starting January 1, 2023. For more information, see this knowledge article.

You can create emails with the same intent based segments you’re using to target the personalization campaigns on your website. By passing data between Interaction Studio and Eloqua, Marketo, or SalesForce, you can maintain consistency with messaging and offers regardless of the way your prospects or customers choose to interact with you. This consistency not only provides common messaging to the customer, but also increases the chance of conversion. 


Email Relevant Cross Sell and Up Sell Offers

VerticalDemand Generation

Send more relevant emails by passing intent and affinity data from Interaction Studio to your Marketing Automation Platform

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Suppose you have an upsell campaign that you are running on your site. Based on a user’s actions, you can see when there is a potential for the user to purchase an additional service that you offer. Perhaps you have monthly billing on your product, with some users using an autopay system and others choosing to be reminded, and pay their bills manually when prompted by a physical bill or an email.

This process is time consuming for you and can lead to delays in payment so you have created a personalization campaign on the website based on a segment of customers who are on the bill pay page today, and they have not previously selected autopay.

In this case, you can use the same segment, and pass it out to your marketing automation platform using Interaction Studio’s daily sync. You can create a daily email to be sent, and use the segment list that has been sent from Interaction Studio as your mailing list.


There are multiple options here, based on your goal, but in the example above we would use something like ‘did action ‘bill pay’ today, AND does not have user attribute ‘autopay’’


In this example, you can set up a global goal of ‘signed up for autopay’ and measure the conversion rate. You can see this for the personalization campaign you have created on your site, but you can also use Interaction Studio to track the impact of the email, based on clicks back to the site. By reviewing the ‘autopay sign up email’ campaign you created using the Interaction Studio third party tracking, you can look at the people who landed on the site from that email and see if they completed the goal of ‘signed up for autopay.’



Here is a checklist of what you need to do in Interaction Studio to create this play on your own site:

  1. Create a segment of users you want to target with your email

  2. Configure you marketing automation platform so that it send an email based on the segment members.

  3. Select the segment you created so it passes over to your marketing automation platform

  4. Configure the sync between Interaction Studio and Marketo / Eloqua / Salesforce

  5. Create a global goal that is related to the goal of the campaign

Reference Materials

The following articles from the Interaction Studio Knowledge Base will provide process steps to help you execute this play: