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Evergage tracks each visitor’s shopping behavior on your site and mobile app, helping you understand their true intent and then instantly respond with relevant offers, messages and timely incentives.

  • Delight a shopper–provide a personalized experience for shoppers based on where they came from, what products they’re searching for, and how they’re spending their time on the site
  • Entice a buyer–recommend products from the category or brand a shopper has viewed the most and factor in what’s most popular to others
  • Empower your shoppers–provide a more intelligent way for shoppers to discover products by organizing lists and search results based on current/past session behavior, known preferences, and purchase data
  • Prevent bounce–detect inactivity or a visitor’s intention to leave the site then provide incentive offers or reminder of cart contents
  • Reward loyalists–give thank you incentives to repeat buyers, big spenders, and those who refer your site to drive more purchases


How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Evergage to optimize the experience for your site visitors and increase conversion rates

Delight a shopperAll visitors

138 - Create a Personalized Homepage Experience

129 - Create a Personalized Homepage Banner

233 - Leverage Machine Learning for Product and Content Recommendations

234 - Recommend Relevant Categories and Brands

236 - Recommend Content to Inspire Shoppers

198 - Engage shoppers with your newest offerings (individualized for them)

205 - Add a style finder questionnaire

212 - Present offers triggered by weather conditions

182 - Educate visitors based on their location

195 - Promote personalized messages based on a visitor's location

Entice a buyerAll visitors 132 - Display products a shopper viewed for the longest period of time
204 - Increase product discovery by recommending similar products
1710 - Serve a quick one-question survey
278 - Social validation with SmartTrends
102 - Create persistent reminders to drive offers from email to shopping journey
First time visitor181 - Present educational welcome message
195 - Promote personalized messages based on location
Empower your shoppersAll visitors

136 - Increase engagement and repeat purchases with a shopping companion

237 - Use SmartBundle in "Complete the Look" Campaigns

Engaged or repeat visitors219 - Encourage shoppers to download your mobile app
143 - Ask returning customers for reviews
Prevent bounceAll visitors 140 - Incentivize cart abandoners in real time
203 - Re-engage shoppers by reminding of an offer on exit
130 - Drive offers to convert a browser
108 - Drive purchases using promotional offers
228 - Replace unavailable pages with promoted content
Reward loyalistsLoyal visitor 206 - Improve engagement and conversions with loyalty program