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Interaction Studio Classic Only

  • The use cases in this playbook are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic) ONLY. For customers using the Interaction Studio 'Campaigns and Templates' application, refer to the Use Case Library instead.
  • The Visual Editor Chrome Extension will no longer be available starting January 1, 2023. For more information, see this knowledge article.

As an e-commerce marketer in the retail industry, you know that responding to each and every shopper – based on his or her unique preferences and intent – is increasingly necessary to drive conversions, build long-term customer loyalty and remain competitive in your industry.

Here are many of the tried-and-true solutions that leading retailers leverage with Interaction Studio to drive positive impacts across channels for their businesses:

  • Encourage discovery – recommend relevant products, categories, and brands throughout your web, email, and in-app experiences

  • Increase engagement – encourage key behaviors like writing reviews, signing up for email, and downloading apps by tailoring messages specific to where your visitors are in their journey

  • Reduce friction – recognize the key areas on your site visitors struggle with the most. Curb cart abandonment by identifying promo code errors, optimize out-of-stock PDPs, and trigger visitor reminders when prices drop!

  • Optimize channels –  personalize throughout the customer journey to create a seamless experience regardless of the channel.

How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Interaction Studio to optimize the experience for your site visitors and increase conversion rates

ObjectiveStrategyPlaybook ID/Name

Encourage Discovery

Cross-sell across categories

237 - Use SmartBundle in Complete the Look Campaigns

Power homepage recommendations for all visitors

138 - Create a Personalized Homepage Experience
Power dynamic banners based on customer/non-customer, geo, products129 - Create a Personalized Homepage Banner

Prompt discovery on PDPs by showing similar items to the item being viewed

204 - Increase Product Discovery by Recommending Similar Products
Surface category & brand recommendations 2310 - Make Category and Brand Recommendations
Recommended products based on what's trending147 - Increase Product Discovery by Displaying Trending Products
Personalized recommendations on cart page239 - Use Machine Learning to Promote Items on the Cart Page
Optimize out of stock pages with product recommendations238 - Use SmartBundle for Out of Stock Messaging
Enhance unavailable pages with promoted content228 - Replace Unavailable Web Pages with Promotional Content
Increase Engagement

Target and curb comparison shopping1311 - Highlight a Product Name for Comparison Shoppers
Power offers based on weather

212 - Present Offers Triggered by Weather Conditions

Power a shopping companion for your visitors
136 - Increase Engagement and Repeat Purchases with a Shopping Companion
Remind customers to take advantage of current promotions
203 - Re-Engage Shoppers by Reminding of an Offer on Exit
Support email capture across relevant pages1310 - Support Email Capture for Key Points of Interaction
Target messages based on geography195 - Promote Personalized Messages Based on Geolocation
Ask shopper for reviews143 - Ask Returning Customers for Reviews
Encourage shoppers to download your mobile app219 - Download Mobile App to Drive Engagement
Collect explicit data about visitors via a questionnaire
205 - Add Style Finder Questionnaire Leading to Personalization
Power single question surveys to collect explicit data about visitors
1710 - Serve a Quick One Question Survey
Drive educational experiences for new visitors
181 - Educate New Visitors
Offer specialized experiences or promotions for high value customers1312 - Create a Special Experience for High Value Customers
Create a "My Store" experience for shoppers2312 - Design a Personalized My Account Page for Customers
Personalized recommendations for blog content, or content on site236 - Recommend Content to Inspire Shoppers
Reminder of items left in cart or suggestions140 - Incentivize Your Cart Abandoners in Real Time
Engage shoppers with the newest product offerings198 - Engage Shoppers with Newest Product Offerings
Increase engagement and conversions with loyalty programs206 - Increase Engagement and Conversions with Loyalty Program
Increase engagement by displaying products(s) viewed the longest132 - Increase Engagement by Displaying Product(s) Viewed the Longest
Educate based on location182 - Educate Based on Location
Proactive promo code error messaging2315 - Reduce Coupon Code Friction Points
Reduce FrictionCreate persistent reminders to drive offers from email to shopping journey102 - Create Persistent Reminders to Drive Offers from Email to Shopping Journey
Drive offers from email to convert a browser130 - Drive Offers from Email to Convert a Browser
Drive purchases using promotional offers108 - Drive Purchases Using Promotional Offers
Swap promotions based on date-time ranges332 - Swap Promotions in Content Zones Based on Conditions
Optimize ChannelsPower personalized recommendations at open time2313 - Recommend Products and Promotions with Open-time Email
Send an email when a visitor abandons a cart containing an item2314 - Remind Cart Abandoners with Triggered Email
Send an email when a visitor leaves your site without adding to cart or purchasing2312 - Convert Browsers to Buyers with Triggered Email
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of new products in their favorite categories323 - New Arrival in Favorite Category Triggered Email
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of out-of-stock products they’ve browsed that have since been replenished324 - Trigger an Email When a Recently Viewed Item Is Back in Stock
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of products they’ve browsed that now have limited quantities available.325 - Trigger an Email When Inventory Is Low
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of recently viewed products with price reductions 326 - Trigger an Email When a Favorite Product Has a Price Reduction