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Interaction Studio Classic Only

This use case is for customers using Interaction Studio Classic (formerly Evergage Classic) ONLY. For customers using the Interaction Studio 'Campaigns and Templates' application, refer to the Use Case Library instead.

Customers love deals!  If your customers are trying a lot of coupon codes without success, you can help reduce their likelihood for bouncing by using Interaction Studio’s segmentation to show them a personalized message.  Experimenting with the messaging is crucial - some visitors may respond better to chat - others may require a working coupon code. Using Interaction Studio’s A/B testing capabilities, you can test which message will work best with your customers.

CategoryVisitor EngagementVerticalRetail/E-Commerce
TopicIncrease visitor engagement by decreasing the potential for frustration over coupon codesID #2315
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In this example, the website offers the opportunity to chat after the user has entered an invalid coupon code.


Create a segment of users who have attempted to enter a coupon code without success.


Success can be measured by conversion ratio (CVR) and revenue per user (RPU).



Here is a checklist of what you need to do in Interaction Studio to create this play on your own site:

  1. Create a segment of users who have tried and failed to enter a coupon code

    1. Determine the number of times you want them to fail at entering -- you could test building segments for 2 failures vs. 3 failures

    2. Work with your Customer Success Manager to ensure this segment is Action Mapped

    3. Once you’ve created the segment, review the size of the segment to determine the reach of this campaign

  2. Create a campaign with two experiences -- “Offer” vs. “Help”

  3. Choose your message types for each experience -- in the examples, the marketing manager used an info-bar for the chat window, while the other marketer used a popup for the offer code (remember to enable that offer code in your backend!)

  4. Create a Target Users campaign rule to target this campaign to your created segment

  5. In the Setup → Experiences menu, select A/B Testing -- be sure to include a control as well!

  6. Test your campaign to ensure that both experiences work as desired

  7. Once you’re satisfied, publish the campaign!

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