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New Name: Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

You can leverage data from other Salesforce products in Interaction Studio. 

This Article Explains

This article outlines current Interaction Studio integrations with various Salesforce products including Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Tableau. For integrations with non-Salesforce products, please refer to Understand Third Party Interaction Studio Integrations.

Sections in this Article

Salesforce CDP

DataIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
Interaction Studio User & Event Data to Salesforce CDPFile-basedHourly
  • Interaction Studio collects user and event data. 
  • Data is transformed to CSV file and sent to Salesforce CDP through a shared file store.
  • Salesforce CDP ingests data through an Interaction Studio starter bundle.
Salesforce CDP Profile & Segment Data to Interaction StudioFile-based12 or 24 hours. Tied to Salesforce CDP segment publish schedule.
  • Salesforce CDP activation jobs send segment membership, selected attributes, and calculated insights to Interaction Studio. 
  • Data is written to CSV file and sent to Interaction Studio through a shared file store. 
  • A Salesforce CDP ETL job ingests and imports data as user attributes and manual segments.

Marketing Cloud

MC ComponentIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
Automation StudioFile Based (Segment Exporter Gear)One-off or nightly

Import from Marketing Cloud:

  • Use the Interaction Studio SFTP as the file location
  • Marketing Cloud data extensions (DE) are extracted using Interaction Studio SFTP as destination in Automation Studio
  • Interaction Studio polls SFTP for new files every 15 minutes for ingestion (files in Interaction Studio standard formatting specifications)

Export to Marketing Cloud:

  • Export from any Interaction Studio segment
  • Process uses Segment Exporter Gear
  • Exports to Interaction Studio SFTP location
  • Export types: manual (full or delta), nightly (delta)
Email StudioCopy/Paste of Open Time email HTMLIS recs/offers delivered at Open time
  • Build an Open Time email campaign in Interaction Studio to power 1:1 offer/content/product recommendations at open time within a Marketing Cloud email
  • Copy and paste the HTML code output of the Open Time email campaign into a dynamic content block within Marketing Cloud for a reusable machine learning-driven component
Advertising StudioFile-basedOne-off or nightly
  • Pass Interaction Studio segments into Marketing Cloud using Automation Studio so you can leverage the data for retargeting across paid or social channels through Advertising Studio
Audience Studio

Data in from Audience Studio:

Data out to Audience Studio:

One-off or nightly
  • Capture and store additional Audience Studio attributes as custom attributes on the user profile to inform Interaction Studio segmentation and experience targeting
  • Pass Interaction Studio segment membership to the page to help inform retargeting efforts
  • Pass Interaction Studio segments using SFTP to Audience Studio for re-targeting purposes.
Journey BuilderReal-Time APIReal-Time
  • After you add an Interaction Studio Activity to a Journey Builder Journey, you can use it to personalize the experience your customers have with your website or mobile app based on recent journey interactions.
  • Journey Builder passes actions, identifiers, and attributes you configure back to Interaction Studio for identity merging, segmentation and targeting, and personalization.
  • See also: Send a User to Journey Builder Upon Segment Join

Sales and Service Cloud

DataIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
Contacts, Leads, & AccountsBi-directional API (configured in Third Party Integrations)Nightly
  • Push to Contacts and Accounts
  • Pull from Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
  • Retrieve standard and custom fields for matched audiences
  • Update Salesforce CRM with key Interaction Studio engagement data in custom fields
NBA DecisioningAPI from AppExchangeReal-time
  • Lightning component
  • Managed package
  • Leverages Interaction Studio server-side campaigns to define next-best-action (NBA) promotions and recommendations based on an individual's user profile

Commerce Cloud

Integration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
Interaction Studio Web SDKReal-time

Functionality enabled through Interaction Studio Web SDK:

  • Understand anonymous and named customer behavior and web conversions
  • Collect product, content, and other catalog information in real-time
  • Render personalized experiences in real-time


Integration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works

Data in from Pardot:

Data out to Pardot: 

  • Nightly or one-off file transfer
  • Open-time email is real-time
  • Segment Push - leverage the Interaction Studio segment exporter gear to push segments out through Interaction Studio's SFTP so you can pull them into Pardot for enhanced targeting
  • User & Campaign Data Ingestion - Leverage the Interaction Studio ETL to store users, user attributes, and campaign events, such as sends, opens, and clicks. Interaction Studio has standard file formatting specifications available for these types of feeds
  • Open-time Email - Build an open-time email campaign in Interaction Studio to power Pardot email with 1:1 offers or content/product recommendations at open time

Tableau and Datorama

Integration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
IS Data WarehouseNightly
  • There is no direct connector between Interaction Studio and either Tableau or Datorama
  • All data captured/stored within Interaction Studio can be made available in a pre-formatted data warehouse schema as files you can then import into Tableau or Datorama
  • Tableau allows for richer analysis and custom visualizations of Interaction Studio's rich integrated data, while Datorama supports enhanced roll-up analysis and deeper media spend analytics

Einstein Analytics

ObjectiveIntegration TypeData Synchronization CadenceHow It Works
Pass Einstein Analytics Predictive Scores to Interaction Studio 


One-off or nightly sync
  • Take any predictive scores configured in Einstein Analytics, output them using Interaction Studio's standard file formatting specifications, then upload to Interaction Studio to store as custom attributes on the user profile
  • Uploads can either be one-off or posted to Interaction Studio’s SFTP for ingestion on a recurring cadence
Pass Interaction Studio data to Einstein AnalyticsIS Data WarehouseNightly
  • There is no direct connector between Interaction Studio and Einstein Analytics
  • All data captured or stored within Interaction Studio can be made available in a pre-formatted data warehouse schema either as files for you to upload and leverage inside Einstein Analytics
  • Bringing data into Einstein Analytics would be managed by you as the customer