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You can create an Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic) web campaign to pass analytics to Google Analytics. Prior to creating your campaign, be sure to configure the Google Analytics integration.

titleEvergage Interaction Studio Classic Only
Please note, the
  • The contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.
  • The Visual Editor Chrome Extension will no longer be available starting January 1, 2023. For more information, see this knowledge article.

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This article details how to create an invisible message in a web campaign that will pass analytics from Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic) to Google Analytics.

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Table of Contents

Create a Web Campaign with an Invisible Popup Message

The first step is to create a web campaign with an invisible popup message.

  1. Log into Interaction Studio
  2. Create a web campaign with a popup message
  3. Click to access Message Settings
  4. On the Type tab, select Invisible Message
  5. Click OK
  6. Click SAVE

Add JavaScript to Message Source Code

Now, you'll need to add the code snippet to the Message Source Code pane at the bottom of the message

  1. With the campaign you just created still open, click select Message Source Code at the bottom of the message window
  2. Copy and paste the code at the right into ___________________

Code Block
titleCopy JavaScript Code to Message Source Code
    function() {
        return && typeof === "function";
    }, function() {
        var evgIndustry = '#field(${user.location.industry}, "")';
        var evgCompany = '#field(${user.location.organization}, "")';

        if (evgIndustry) {
            ga('set', 'dimension2', evgIndustry);

        if (evgCompany) {
            ga('set', 'dimension1', evgCompany);
        ga('send', {
            'hitType': 'event',
            'eventCategory': 'Evergage',
            'eventAction': 'setB2BData',
            'nonInteraction': 'true'

Configure Campaign Setup

With your campaign created and saved, you'll add a campaign-wide Target Users rule and enable Google Analytics.

  1. With the campaign you just created still open, select SETUP
  2. Select Campaign Settings at the left of the modal
  3. Click + New Rule under Target Users
  4. Select Device Type
  5. Click the field next to is one of and select all six options, one by one (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Game console, Digital media receiver, Unknown)
  6. Select Google Analytics at the left of the modal
  7. Select Enable Google Analytics for this campaign
  8. Close Setup
  9. Click SAVE to save your campaign

Configure Dimensions and Publish

Finally, you need to create the dimensions in Google Analytics that will receive the data you wish to pass from Evergage.

  1. Create dimensions in Google Analytics
  2. Publish your Evergage campaign