You must use the Data Warehouse IP Allowlist to improve system security and help prevent unauthorized access to your Data Warehouse. Interaction Studio only permits connections from the IP ranges on the allowlist. If the allowlist is empty, Interaction Studio Data Warehouse doesn’t accept connections from any IP address.

For example, you can specify a range of IP addresses that belong to your office network. When someone attempts to log in from outside your network, Data Warehouse denies access to that person.

This article lists the steps to configure the Data Warehouse IP allowlist. For developer-level technical specifications, please refer to Interaction Studio's developer documentation.

Configure a Data Warehouse Allowlist

  • Data Warehouse IP Allowlist rules apply to all datasets in an account
  • Interaction Studio only supports IPv4 and IPv6 ranges in CIDR notation
  • An empty IP Allowlist blocks connections from any IP address

  1. Log into Interaction Studio as an administrator.
  2. From the main navigation, select Security > Manage Data Warehouse.
  3. From the Data Warehouse Configuration screen, select the Data Warehouse IP Allowlist tab .
  4. To add an IP address or range, click Add IP Range.
  5. Enter an IPv4 or IPv6 range in CIDR notation.
    1. For example, IPv4 range:, IPv6 range: 2001:db8:1234::/48
  6. Enter a short description for the IP range, such as “Office Network”
  7. To save the entry, click the check mark icon. 
  8. To delete an IP range, click the trash can icon.