For travel companies, promoting ancillary offers is becoming quite lucrative. In 2014 alone, $2.24 billion was spent by travelers on ancillary products and services at hotels in the United States. Given this reality, travel companies would be wise to explore various cross and upsell opportunities. With Evergage, customers can dynamically promote ancillary items based on popularity or known traveler interests.

TopicDynamically promote ancillary items based on popularity or known traveler interestsID #232


A visitor researched hotels on your site decides to book a room. On the checkout page, you include an inline message promoting an ancillary product or service (e.g., a spa package). If the visitor is new to your site, the promoted product/service can be based on overall popularity. If the visitor is an existing customer, or has provided more insight about her interest, you can use the information to present a more tailored offer. For instance, perhaps she prefers hitting the links instead of a day at the spa.


The campaign targets visitors who began the checkout process but did not add an ancillary product(s).


Success will be determined by the number of customers who, after being presented with an offer during the checkout process, ended up purchasing an ancillary product.


A campaign should be created with following characteristics: 

  • Use a popup or an inline message

  • Serve the message during the checkout process

  • Provide a single click option for including the offer in the traveler’s order